Poetic Devices Book Tag

Also known as the I-am-studying-for-A-level-literature-and-really-need-to-revise-these-terms book tag... I haven't done a tag in ages, and figured that since it's literature, it's kinda book related...right? After a quick search, I couldn't find anything like this, but if there is then feel free to leave it down in the comments! So basically, I've collected together a bunch … Continue reading Poetic Devices Book Tag


Hamilton Book Tag

WHAT TIME IS IT?? SHOWTIME!! HA. I LISTENED TO IT. I'm so late to this fandom it's unreal. I've had the album on Spotify for ages and forgot about it until this summer. ...I think I may like it more than Les Mis (and we all know how much I love Les Mis) So, originally … Continue reading Hamilton Book Tag