Hamilton Book Tag





I’m so late to this fandom it’s unreal. I’ve had the album on Spotify for ages and forgot about it until this summer.

…I think I may like it more than Les Mis (and we all know how much I love Les Mis)

So, originally this tag was created by Maureen Keavy on YouTube. I actually found it done by Eve at Twist in the Taile and decided to join in on the fun.


*spoilers for Hamilton, The Maze Runner, Harry Potter, Take Back the Skies and Percy Jackson abound btw, read at your own risk*

The Room Where It Happens: Book World You Would Put Yourself In

…literally every single one.
I mean…
That’s so so difficult.
I’d have to go for Neverland.
Just because Peter Pan.
This book is my childhood (and probably my adulthood too, with the way I’m going) and I’ve spent so many years in Neverland, through reading every retelling I can get my hands on, that I’d be right at home.

The Schuyler Sisters: Underrated Female Character

I have to say, the first one that springs to mind is Wendy Darling. She’s not my favourite character by any means; but she looks after the Lost Boys, and her brothers, and puts up with Peter’s ego and Tink’s jealousy so I mean…yeah, she deserves this one.

My Shot: A Character That Goes After What They Want And Doesn’t Let Anything Stop Them

Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy is actually the first person I think of at this point. For determination, she tops the scale. I don’t ever remember reading a book with such a headstrong character (in the best way possible!).

Stay Alive: A Character You Wish Was Still Alive *SPOILERS*

Aside from Phillip Hamilton??? *cries eternally* (Although to be fair, he’s not actually fictional, which makes it all even worse…)
That’s actually really difficult, because I have SUCH a long list of dead favourite characters.
My mind automatically jumps to Newt from Maze Runner, because he was my favourite fictional character for a LONG time…
…but my mind is now screaming ‘Fred Weasley’ at me…
Fred it is.

Burn: The Most Heartbreaking End To A Relationship You’ve Ever Read *SPOILERS*

This one is actually from a slightly less well-known book called Take Back the Skies by Lucy Saxon. The couple was Cat and Fox and I cried so much honestly. I can’t spoil exactly how the relationship ends but…it ended with tears.
(Also Enjolras and Grantaire, but technically they weren’t ‘in’ a relationship so I mean…)

You’ll Be Back: Sassiest Villain

Can I say Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses? (I have read the rest of the trilogy, I know he’s not really a villain, but he kinda fits the criteria so…)
The other one that kind of fits, but again isn’t an actual villain is Gabriel Lightwood from The Infernal Devices – I can’t think of any *actual* villains at this very moment!

The Reynolds Pamphlet: A Book With A Twist That You Didn’t See Coming

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. I remember a twist towards the end and it somehow gave me an actual jump-scare; I genuinely nearly screamed.
(How on earth I got a jump-scare whilst reading, I will never understand)

Non-stop: A Series You Marathoned

The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan – I got the books for Christmas and read one per day; I was actually going to re-read them in the run-up to Christmas last year and never got round to it…maybe I’ll do “The Twelve Days of Olympus” and read PJO, HoO and The Trials of Apollo…who knows?

Satisfied: Favorite Book With Multiple POVs

I don’t read all that many books with multiple POVs, but the Gone series by Michael Grant is one of my favourites because of the diversity of the cast.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: A Book/Series You Feel Like Will Be Remembered Throughout History

I mean, the obvious answer to this is Harry Potter, enough said. It’s like… the series to end all series. The fandom of fandoms.
You see my point.


Helpless: A Relationship You Were Pulling For From The Very Start

Blitzstone. Calling it. If it doesn’t happen in the last book I’m going to be MEGA disappointed. (Magnus Chase series, by the way!)
Also! Elizabeth and Aaron from the Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman. It’s one of the only books I’ve ever re-read after being lent it by a friend and it’s like…a rainy afternoon book. I recommend it!!

Ten Duel Commandments: Favorite fight scene

Arghhhh I really have no idea I tend to like…skim fight scenes?
Wait no
Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, like that entire fight at the end of the book (My specific favourite part, from memory, is where Nico shows up and drags his father with him)

Say No To This: Guilty Pleasure Read

Aside from reading and re-reading Peter Pan? Probably the few Jacqueline Wilson books that I still own, like Little Darlings and Midnight, they’re two of my favourite for nostalgia reasons.

What Comes Next: A series you wish had more books

Two books is not enough my friends, it’s literally set up for a final one.
The second one was published in 1990.
You see my issue here.

Right Hand Man: Favorite BROTP

…I actually have to say Percy and Jason from HoO. (I didn’t like Jason at first? Why didn’t I like him? He’s so…genuine. Like, I love him. Obviously I love Percy too.)

What’d I Miss: A Book Or Series You Were Late To Reading

Where do I even start with this.
Well, actually, I tend to run into book series just before the last book is out, somehow I get quite lucky with that!
I’d probably have to go with Percy Jackson again, because I started reading the books right after House of Hades came out.

And that is the end of this tag! Not tagging anyone, but if you want to do it feel free – let me know if you do, I’d love to read everyone’s answers!!

I will see you soon, lovely people!

Holly xx


I Write Like…


Hey hey guys!

Yes, I am still alive. Shocker, I know.

Since I last updated a month ago, I figured that I should make a fun post, rather than my normal book reviews. I was browsing Pinterest earlier and found this website earlier called I Write Like – it basically takes your writing, analyses it and tells you which famous author that your writing style is the most like.

I ran everything through a couple of times, just to make sure that it doesn’t randomize a different answer every time, and it looks like we’re safe!

Now, since I’ve been writing a few years *cough* procrastinating *cough*, I decided to put in some of my writing and see how my style has changed over the years (or not – we’ll see)

Style One: Holly’s Story, age 12

Starting us off, I used a few paragraphs from a story I finished at about the age of 12 (since then, I have never gone back to it…a part of me thinks it’d be better off left buried in my files)

(I’m not showing the actual text that I put in because it’s so shocking…but here’s the result!)

Stephen King


So, apparently my writing style at age 12 was that of Stephen King.


Confession: I am yet to read a book of his, but I know that he wrote Under the Dome, which sounds like my kinda thing – I will check it out at some point, promise!

Style Two: Holly’s Fanfiction, age 14

A dark time I’d rather not get into if I’m being honest. I copied and pasted a chapter of the first fic I ever wrote (Yes, it’s still up. No, I’m not telling you what it is.)

Agatha Christie

(Sorry for the bad quality of this one, I had to screenshot it because the code wasn’t working)

Agatha Christie? Yes please!

Confession #2: I actually only read my first Christie book this summer! Of course, it was Murder on the Orient Express and I LOVED it. I also read Lord Edgware Dies – and loved that one even more.

Style Three: Holly’s Fanfiction, age 16

Heh…so maybe I still write the odd piece of Les Mis fanfic…

Anne Rice

I can honestly say, the name Anne Rice is only tickling the back of my mind because I recently watched the trailer for Interview With The Vampire for media.
Although, I think that I will be putting it on my to-read list!

Style Four: Holly’s Literature Essay, Age 16

Hey, essays are very different to prose fiction. I’m curious to see which author I’m channeling when I write essays for class…

Vladimir Nabokov

…fair enough.
(He wrote Lolita. Which I totally knew without having to look at the author bio. Totally.)

Style Five: Holly’s Blog Post, Age 17

do write differently whilst blogging, I must admit. This is from one that I posted quite recently…

David Foster Wallace

…I have genuinely never heard of this guy. He wrote The Infinite Jest and The Pale King, which I have a vague recollection of hearing about.

Fun fact: The Pale King was unfinished in Wallace’s lifetime, so was published posthumously in 2011!


My writing style has changed significantly over the years, mostly to suit different needs and platforms. It’s interesting to note that I have literally read none of these authors, yet my writing style seems to be like them.

Maybe the authors that I do read take inspiration from them? Who knows.

This wasn’t going to be a tag, but if you want to do it, then go ahead!

See you later with another post!
Have a great summer!!

Holly xx

Fifty Bookish Questions Tag

This is a long one, folks! I’m back today with yet another book tag – this time found on My Little Book Blog, where anyone has been tagged to do it! It’s 50 questions, so I’ve tried to answer them as quickly as possible, because we all have things to do and places to be. Without further ado:

1.What was the last book you read?

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

2. Was it a good one?

So -so. See my review here.

3. What made it good?

See above! (The characters and the second half of the book is the short answer to that question.)

4. Would you recommend it to other people?

Yes, as long as they’re a fantasy lover

5. How often do you read?

Hmm, not as much as I used to, because exams, but I try to read as much as I can during the holidays.

6. Do you like to read?

Of course

7. What was the last bad book you read?

Ooh…House of Night #1, I’m afraid

8. What made you dislike it?

Lack of character development, mostly. See the full review here.

9. Do you wish to be a writer?

Yes, but at the moment that seems to have taken a back seat

10. Has any book every influenced you greatly?

Most books I read influence me, to be honest. Sometimes the influence is ‘please write a better book than this’.

11. Do you read fan fiction?

Yes, for a whole bunch of different fandoms

12. Do you write fan fiction?

Not so much now, but I used to a couple of years ago *shudders*

13. What’s your favourite book?

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

14. What’s your least favourite book?

I wouldn’t say I have a least favourite. I mean, House of Night ranks up there with the worst, but I don’t really remember any others that are horribly bad.

15. Do you prefer physical books or ready on a device (like a kindle)?

Actually, I quite like to read on my kindle! (Unpopular opinion, I know). I like being able to read immediately – I get so impatient! However, I do own mostly real books because they feel nicer to hold. (Also they look more impressive)

16. When did you learn to read?

At the age of about 4-5, I believe? Sometime in Reception at school.

17. What is your favourite book you had to read in school?

Ooh, that’s tough. I’d have to say Of Mice and Men or perhaps The Tempest (not technically a book, but I love it anyway).

18. What is your favourite book series?

So many. Vampire Academy, Harry Potter, The Infernal Devices…the list goes on.

19. Who is your favourite author?

Rick Riordan, without a doubt. Maggie Stiefvater is a close second!

20. What is your favourite genre?

Fantasy, usually, although I do love a good mystery book.

21. Who is your favourite character in a book series?

Are you seriously asking me to pick one? I have so many favourites it’s unreal.

22. Has a book ever transported you somewhere else?

Yes, plenty of times.

23.Which book do you wish had a sequel?

The Night of the Solstice/Heart of Valour by L.J. Anderson are technically a duology, but she’s teased a third book which may or may not ever actually be written. I hope it is!

24. Which book do you wish DIDN’T have a sequel?

Divergent. The first book was decent, then it all went downhill…

25. How long does it take you to read a book?

Depends on whether I’m enjoying it or not – The Hidden Oracle, I read in a day. The Night Circus took me from October to New Year’s Eve. (Les Mis I started last March and am barely half-way through.)

26. Do you like when books become movies?

I actually do!

27. Which book was ruined by its movie adaptation?

Ooh…I like most  movie adaptations, if I’m being honest, but I’d have to say The Mortal Instruments.

28. Which movie has done a book justice?

Narnia did a pretty good job. The other one is Holes by Louis Sachar.

29. Do you read newspapers?

I pick one up if it happens to have an interesting title, but aside from that, no.

30: Do you read magazines?

More so than newspapers – I used to read a lot more of them (mostly Girl Talk and teen ones) but nowadays I read far fewer.

31. Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?

Magazines, for the sole reason of them being more colourful and less likely to fall to pieces if I drop them.

32. Do you read while in bed?

All the time.

33. Do you read while on the toilet?


34. Do you read while in the car?

I try to, but either get told off because ‘car sickness’ or actually get car sick.

35. Do you read while in the bath?

Not anymore, since I had a close encounter of nearly dropping my book in the bath.

36. Are you a fast reader?


37. Are you a slow reader?


38. Where is your favourite place to read?

My bedroom, either in bed or by the radiator.

39. Is it hard for you to concentrate while you read?

Depends on whether I’m engaged with it or not.

40. Do you need a room to be silent while you read?

Nope, I can happily read in the middle of a bustling café.

41. Who gave you your love for reading?

My parents, mostly, considering they both still sit and read all the time.

42. What book is next on your list to read?

I’m halfway through A Court of Mist and Fury (as well as 4 other books)

43. When did you start to read chapter books?

I actually remember this! When I was about six, at school, my teacher was doing guided reading and we read a chapter book.

44. Who is your favourite children’s book author?

Enid Blyton! She wrote so many books and people barely ever know who she is. In case you don’t recognise the name, she’s responsible for the Famous Five, The Secret Seven, The Five Find-Outers, Malory Towers, The Naughtiest Girl in the School, The Twins at St Clare’s, Noddy, The Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair, amongst so many others.

45. Which author would you most want to interview?

Can I say Shakespeare? I’m saying Shakespeare.

46. Which author do you think you’d be friends with?

Heh…also Shakespeare.

47. What book have you reread the most?

I don’t re-read books as often as I’d like, but I think Peter Pan has been read a few times by me.

48. Which books do you consider “classics”?

Any of the Penguin Classics or the black and white covered books. You know the ones I’m on about – if not, go to the classics section of your local library and look for them.

49. Which books do you think should be taught in every school?

Ooh…aside from the ones that are already taught (Of Mice and Men, Gatsby, An Inspector Calls, Shakespeare etc.) I’d love to see some of the more childish books in schools again. Peter Pan, Oliver Twist, Alice in Wonderland and that kind of thing.

50. Which books should be banned from all schools?

All books are a learning experience, even the bad ones. Don’t ban books.

And that’s me done! Feel free to do this book tag, and tag me so I can read your answers too!

Holly xx

Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

Okay, I actually haven’t done a book tag in a while and was hunting for one (I know) when I stumbled across the Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag on Dreamland Book Blog, where the lovely Beatrice has tagged anyone who wants to give it a go!
(The original tag was created by Book Syrup on YouTube, and this is the original video)

Here goes:

1) Best Colour Combo On A Book Cover
Okay, for me that has to be Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. This book is honestly stunning – the blue and gold go together perfectly for me and they fit right in with the theme and genre of the novel.

2) Best Typography/Font On A Book Cover
My favourite typography is from Briar Rose by Jana Oliver. I fell in love with the font in the shop, and I’m still in love with it now. The thorns perfectly capture the darker side to the tale and I reckon it’ll always spring to mind.

3) Best Simple Cover
Does Running Girl by Simon Mason count as simple? I’m counting it as simple. I like it because it’s clean and straightforward, which I find hilarious because it’s about a murder and the mystery behind it which isn’t straightforward at all.

4) Best Endpages
It was only when I started searching for endpages that I realised how few hardback copies of books I actually have. In the end I stumbled back across My True Love Gave to Me by various authors (edited by Stephanie Perkins) and found these cutesy endpages. They’re so festive and the bright pink really brightens up my bookshelf.

5) Best Map
For this one, I have to go with The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani. Technically it’s a map of a school, but I’m a sucker for a good fantasy school with interesting names for places, so here it is.

6) Best Naked Hardback
Again, I realised that I own basically no hardback books and the ones that I do literally have solid black covers with silver writing down the side. Not that I dislike them, because honestly I think they look awesome, but none of them particularly stand out. Virtually my only one with anything vaguely interesting on it is Summoner: The Novice by Taran Matharu and it’s a pentagram, so…yeah. Sorry guys!

7) Best Back Cover
So I’m going back to my childhood with this series and it’s the Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton (who also wrote the Famous Five and Secret Seven books). The covers are just fun to look at and don’t have huge blocks of text covering up the illustrations.

8) Best Chapter Headers
Character Header Peter Pan.jpg
After much searching, I actually found two for this one – both of them Peter Pan retellings. The first one is Capt. Hook by J.V. Hart, and it has little illustrations about the chapter title that I don’t think I properly appreciated the first time round, so I may need to re-read it! The other one is The Child Thief by Brom, which has a much darker tone and illustrations that take up an entire page.

9) Best Illustrations
Hands down Nicholas St. North by William Joyce. If you’ve watched Rise of the Guardians then you’ll recognise some of the characters, because the film is based on this series. I only own the first one, but the illustrations are absolutely stunning.

10) Best Spine
For this one, I have two. Three Dark Crowns because it is bright green and it always catches my eye. The Darkest Part of the Forest because it’s one of the only ones that I can read of my shelf without squinting.

11) Favourite Cover On Your Shelves
Okay, so I’m going to go for runners up first: Six of Crows, Eyes like Stars, The Night of the Solstice and Tiger Lily are all worthy contenders and I love them to pieces.
But my favourite has to be The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater, because it is gorgeous. The blue and the white make it stand out so much on my shelf and yep, it’s definitely my favourite.

So that’s the tag! I’m not tagging anyone to do it, but if you’d like to then please feel free!

Holly xx

Les Mis Book Tag

Les Miserables is one of my favourite musicals of all time. Whilst I haven’t finished the book yet (and trust me, I’m trying), I thought it would be a good idea to try and find a book tag.

I was in luck!

Eve at Twist in the Taile has created one! Even better – she tagged anyone who wants to have a go! (Yes I know it was a few months ago, but better late than never, hey?)

Without further ado:

I Dreamed a Dream
a book that didn’t live up to your high expectations

Zodiac by Romina Russel. Oh boy was I disappointed by this book. It had such a great premise and the world-building was insanely good. The first few chapter were breathtakingly amazing and then…the main character became a whiny little git. The story fell apart, which is such a shame because it’s about the Zodiac signs and astrology which are some of my favourite things!

The Confrontation
your favourite literary duo

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, I would have to say. Ah, my childhood.

Castle on a Cloud
a book that comforts you

I had to think about this one for a bit, because I don’t tend to read fluffy books as such, but one that has been on my bookshelf since as long as I can remember is Rose by Holly Webb. It’s a book about magic and it’s set in the Victorian Era and I love it to pieces.

Red and Black
an unpopular bookish opinion

I like The Maze Runner. Not many people seem to due to the lack of answers we get given. However, I can forgive this because I absolutely adore the characters and they are what make or break a book for me.

Do You Hear the People Sing?
a book you read because of hype

Divergent? The Mortal Instruments? The Hunger Games? Six of Crows?
Pretty much half of my bookshelf is read due to hype, I’m afraid. Some are worth it though (Read: Six of Crows)

One Day More
a book that kept you reading into the next chapter (and the next and the next)

Six of Crows. I blitzed through it in about two days because it is SO GOOD.

On My Own
a ship of yours that isn’t canon

It’d take a year to list all of them, but let’s see…
Minho/Newt, Eponine/Cosette, Montparnasse/Jehan, Bilbo/Thorin (Does that last one count? Because it’s mostly based off the movie…)

Drink With Me
your favourite bookish friendship

Part of me is screaming Harry and Ron because…well, they’re Harry and Ron. The other part is screaming Enjolras, Combeferre and Courfeyrac because why not.

Bring Him Home
that one character you will do anything to protect


Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
a character death you don’t think you’ll ever recover from

Oh God.
Or the Pevensies.
Take your pick.

So there we have it! The Les Mis book tag! Thank once again to Eve, and I tag anyone who wants to do it.

Holly xx