On A Levels

Hey hey guys!

So, you may be wondering why I haven’t updated in a full month (Or maybe not, considering my erratic posting schedule, so fair enough).

The short answer is: A Levels.

I have hit my second year, meaning that my workload is steadily increasing and I am working my socks off to stay afloat amidst deadlines galore.

Two of my subjects (Lit and Media) are essay based, and I’ve gotta be honest, I’m still wrapping my head around how to structure answers. I’ve improved since the beginning of Year 12, but it’s not something you can learn and then throw back onto a page.

Psychology, on the other hand, I seem to be able to do just that with. It is by far my best subject and I have no idea how, considering how close I come to falling asleep in some of the lessons. Honestly.

Coursework is the only way that I’m going to be able to drag my grade in the other two up, I’m afraid. Although, we get to choose whatever topic and texts we want, so there is that – mine seem to be based around children’s books and Disney, so I’m not sure what that says about me as a person.

I can also breathe a sigh of relief that I’ve dropped Drama. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but it took up so much time that I could’ve used to practice essay writing. It went well though!!! I’m so proud of our group!!

Mocks are in three weeks (and I got told this Tuesday, smh) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t go horrifically badly!

Of course, I will continue to update as and when; who knows, maybe I’ll even write some stuff about studying? (Or just write in general to be honest).

Holly xx


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