June Recommendations – Fantasy

Everywhere I turn, new books seem to be sitting proudly on shelves, clamouring for attention. Their covers are shiny and new. People are giving them glowing (and sometimes not) reviews.

But what about the books that have been out for a while? The books that have long been read and are no longer being recommended? Or maybe books that just haven’t been read enough to be well known?

My point is that each month, I’m going to try (try being the operative word) and recommend a few books of a particular genre that aren’t quite as well known as they should be. This month: Fantasy.

Without further ado!


Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson (2012)
Peter Pan adaptation, beautiful imagery and a captivating tale. If you love Peter Pan stories, then this one is a must.


The Night of the Solstice/Heart of Valour by L.J. Smith (1987/1990)
Okay, so these ones are actually pretty old but they create a good story. I’d recommend them to younger people on the YA spectrum.


Briar Rose by Jana Oliver (2013)
A lot of people dislike this book. I, on the other hand, love it. Try it if you like weird fairy tale retellings in nightmare universes.


His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman (1995/1996/2000)
You have probably heard of The Golden Compass which is the film of the first of these books, Northern Lights. This trilogy is pretty heavy going, but it’s worth it. (Actually, the last page confused the daylights out of me, so maybe not. The world building is incredible though.)


The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis (1950-56)
Okay, so maybe a little young, but these are high fantasy books and they’re all relatively short. Some are better than others, I’ve got to admit.

So there we have it! A bunch of oldish (and a couple of newish) books that nobody really talks about.

Are there any other books that aren’t talked about enough?

Holly xx


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